Launch your online business with clarity and confidence.

For course creators, consultants, and coaches.

Finally! Overcome the Overwhelm with a solid, practical plan to:

  • Plan and write your content
  • Build a course worth sharing.
  • Deliver an amazing information product.

Uncomplicate course creation

It doesn't have to be super-complicated to start an online information business.
Let me simplify things for you so you can make daily progress towards the life you want.

Find Your Mission

Defining your Mission is the single most powerful thing you can do to overcome the feeling of Overwhelm and renew your passion for content creation. You'll finally be able to create with a clear mission and renewed enthusiasm.

Create Amazing Content

If your course isn't amazing, it will get lost in a Sea of Sameness. But if it is amazing, your students will thank you for it and come back for more content. Learn how to create a course that's worth sharing!

Deliver Your Product

The technology to deliver a course is pretty confusing. But it doesn't have to be...and it really isn't. I'll show you the tech stack I use and walk you through setting everything up. I think it's the fun part!


Mission Planning

Create a super-solid foundation and save yourself from feeling overwhelmed.  

Not sure where to start?

Far too many courses never see the light of day. It's easy to get Information Overload, and get stuck before you even start.

See how you can find your focus, plan your mission, and feel energized and organized!

IF YOU ARE stuck in the planning phase:


Stand out from the crowd with the best possible content. 

Don't get lost in the Sea of Sameness!

There are a ton of courses out there these days. To succeed, you'll need to stand out from the crowd and deliver amazing content. 

Don't worry...I'll show you how to do it.

IF YOU have your content written:

Launch Your Business

Deliver your course or content properly for a beautiful student experience.

Don't get stuck on software!

The technology used to deliver content has progressed to a point where it's almost easy (and really fun). But most of the "old timers" are still teaching old software.

Learn exactly what tech you need to launch your business!


Hello! I'm Jeff Rothbeind

I help content creators like you launch their courses, bootcamps, and information products.

Let's face it. There is no shortage of "gurus" out there who will show you how they made millions. For a substantial fee.

I'm not doing this to get rich. I don't drive a Lamborghini. I just want to help you break through the nonsense and finally put yourself out there. I'd love to get involved with your business and show you how lucrative (and simple) this can be. And as sappy as it sounds...I'd really love to help you share your gift with the world! Really really.

Get Instant Access to Everything

Learn how to go from Big Idea to Successful Launch with my Complete Launch Toolkit.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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